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        Neath Port Talbotbestdiecast manufacturercontact informationClever alloy die casting is a kind of precision casting method, which uses high pressure to force metal melt into complex metal mold. Materials worked with are iron, SG iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, copper, nickel, titanium, neoprene, ethylene-propylene, nitrile, silicone, styrene-butadiene, natural rubber, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, and nylon. Also capable of molding, CNC machining, stamping, tooling, and finishing.          Neath Port TalbotMedical die casting partsbest了心The noise of the aluminum pressure casting factory comes from the running sound, casting and material of the operating sound, casting and material, the burning sound of the burning furnace, the current sound of the induction current, and the noise of the hydraulic air motion equipment. Noise pollution is one of the physical pollution. When the noise source stops output noise, the pollution disappears quickly without leaving any pollutants. However, if the noise of the workplace exceeds acceptable standards, it will also cause damage to people's hearing and health. Noise control mainly controls the spread of sound sources and sound to protect the receiver. (1) Design of noise reduction process. 1 Select the equipment such as low -noise die -casting machines, edge cutting machines, and use new low -noise new technologies and new technologies. (2) In the process of material transportation, try to reduce the collision of the material and reduce the drop of material. (3) During the design of the workshop process, high -noise construction sites and low -noise construction sites should be set up. (4) The device with a strong vibration does not declare on the steel structure platform. (2) sound insulation. (1) Office, control rooms, studios, lounges, etc. are in the noise area, sound insulation treatment of these rooms, and use sound insulation components on the door, windows, and walls in the room door, windows, and walls. Influence. For 2 high noise devices, sound insulation caps, and a sound insulation barrier can block the spread of noise. (3) Mute. By installing the muffler on the compressed air emission pipe, the air noise can be effectively reduced. (4) Control interrupt. Device with large vibrations, such as vibrations and springs, can be installed with vibration cutting device and vibration reduction device, such as the reduction layer. (5) Personal protection. In many cases, personal protection is the most effective and economical method. The most commonly used method is to wear ear and wears. The ear protector is divided into earplugs, earmuffs and sound insulation helmets, and the noise in the ear is 10135 dB. (A) Can be reduced.瞬间

        Neath Port Talbot与此Auto die casting parts2 The basic method of mechanical grinding is different from the surface grinding of other industry requirements in plastic mold processing. Strictly speaking, the grinding of molds is called mirror processing. It not only has high requirements for polishing itself, but also has high standards for surface flatness, smoothness and geometric accuracy. Surface grinding generally only requires glossy surface. The benchmark for mirror processing is divided into AO \u003d RA0.008 \u0026 Mu; M, A1 \u003d RA0.016 \u0026 Mu; M, A3 \u003d RA0.032 \u0026 Mu; M, A4 \u003d RA0.063 \u0026 Mu; M Methods such as grinding or fluid grinding are correctly managed the shape accuracy of the components. However, because the surface quality of chemical grinding, ultrasonic grinding, and magnetic grinding does not meet the requirements, the mirror processing of precision molds is mainly based on mechanical grinding. 2.1 Basic steps for mechanical grinding In order to obtain high -quality grinding results, it is important to use high -quality oil stones, sandpaper, diamond grinding cream and other grinding tools and auxiliary materials. The choice of grinding order depends on the surface status of previous treatment, EDM, grinding, etc. The general process of mechanical grinding is as follows. Essence (1) Rough grinding \u0026 amp; lt; br/\u0026 amp; gt; gt; mill, EDM, grinding, etc. can be grinded by rotating the surface grinding machine or ultrasonic grinding machine at a rotation speed of 35,000 ~ 40,000 RPM Essence The usual method is to remove the white spark layer by using wheels with diameter \u0026 phi; 3 mm and WA # 400. There are also manual oil stones grinding, lubricants, or oil stones and kerosene. The general order of use is# 180 ~# 240 ~# 320 ~# 400 ~# 600 ~# 800 ~# 1000. Many mold manufacturers choose to save time from# 400. Semi -essence processing semi -essence processing mainly uses paper and kerosene. The number of paper pupa is as follows. # 400 ~# 600 ~# 800 ~# 1000 ~# 1200 ~# 1500 Actual# 1500 sandpaper is not used for pre -jeaping steel, not for pre -jealousy steel, not for pre -jeaping steel, only for hardening mold steel (above 52 HRC) Essence (3) Square polishing and polishing mainly uses diamond abrasive particles. Essence When mixing the grinding particles with diamond mill or grinding particles, the general grinding order is 9 \u0026 mu; m ( # 1800) ~ 6 \u0026 mu; m ( # 3000) ~ 3 \u0026 mu ( # 8000). Use 9 \u0026 mu; m diamond gypsum and grinding cloth wheels, you can remove the hair traces of# 1200 and# 1500 with paper. After that, use 1 \u0026 mu; m ( # 14000) ~ 1/2 \u0026 mu; m ( # 60000) ~ 1/4 \u0026 mu; m ( # 100000) felt and diamond pneumatic grinding. ExceedThe grinding process of 1 \u0026 mu; m (including 1 \u0026 mu; m) can be performed in a clean grinding room in the mold factory. For more precise grinding, it is absolutely necessary to clean. Dust, smoke, smoke, smoke, and saliva may leave high -precision grinding noodles after long -term work. 2.2 Pay attention to sandpaper grinding with mechanical grinding, please pay attention to the following points. (1) When grinding sandpaper, a soft wooden stick or bamboo stick must be used. When grinding a round or spherical surface, use a cork stick to make it better consistent with the curvature of the round and spherical surface. Hardwood slices are like cherry wood, suitable for grinding flat surfaces. Adjust the end of the decorative strip into the same shape as the shape of the steel surface to prevent the sharp angle of the decorative strip (or bamboo strip) in contact with the steel surface and cause deep scratches. (2) In the case of changing to different types of paper, the grinding direction is changed from 45 \u0026 deg; changed to 90 \u0026 deg; Before replacing various sandpaper, you must use 100%cotton and alcoholic washing liquid to carefully wipe the grinding noodles. If there are small gravel on the surface, the entire grinding operation will be destroyed. When grinding from sandpaper to diamond grinding, this cleaning process is equally important. Before continuing grinding, all particles and kerosene must be completely cleaned. (3) # 1200 and # 1500 When brushing with paper, please be careful not to damage or burn the surface of the workpiece. Therefore, light loads need to be applied to grind the surface with a 2 -stage grinding method. When grinding various types of sandpaper, it must be rotated twice in two different directions, and grinding between 45 degrees and 90 degrees, respectively. Pay attention to the following points of diamond grinding. Essence Essence (1) The hardening must be performed as light as possible. Especially when grinding pre -hard chemical steel parts, or grinding with a fine -looking grinding agent, this is especially true. When grinding the# 8000 grinding agent, the general load is 100200 g/cm 2, but it is difficult to maintain the accuracy of this load. In order to make this simple, the detailed handle of the copper part becomes thinner, or it becomes thin and soft. This helps to control polishing pressure and avoid excessive pressure on the mold. (2) During the grinding and grinding of diamonds, not only should we clean the working surface, but also to clean the staff of the staff carefully. The grinding time should not be too long, the shorter the time, the more effective. When the grinding process is too long, \u0026 ldquo; orange peeling \u0026 rdquo; and \u0026 ldquo; jet \u0026 rdquo;. (4) In order to obtain high -quality grinding effects, it should be avoided with heating methods and grinding tools. For example: grinding wheel, the calories generated by the wheels can easily cause \u0026 ldquo; orange peel \u0026 rdquo; (5) When the grinding processing is suspended, the surface of the workpiece must be cleaned, carefully remove all abrasives and lubricants, and spray anti -mold coating on it.Aluminum alloy die casting披靡as well as空间nearbyZinc alloy die castingBristoldiecast9. The use and maintenance of the mold formation before connecting the mold to the die -casting machine, be sure to completely remove the splash stains on the surface of the adhesive compressor mold, and clean the installation to avoid affecting the accuracy of the mold matching. When the mold is connected to the die -casting machine, it moves and the mold, and installs at least six fixed screws on each semi -mold to ensure safety. If only four fixed screws are installed in each half, when the screw is relaxed, the other three screws will be balanced, causing the screw to rapidly deformed or break, causing the mold to be pulled out. During the die -casting process, immediately ensure that the abrasive pattern cavity sticks to the traces of the mold, but be careful not to scratch or damage the mold with a hard tool. When the surface of the mold is increased, it is completely polished during maintenance. When all or part of the product sticks to the type of mold type, the experienced mold restoration is unique and breaks into the mold to prevent the foot wheel processing. After polishing the traces that adhere to the parts mold, the paint will increase when casting to prevent it from being further adhered to the mold. Each type of product is coated with a lubricant on the mold slide rail, guide column and top rod to check the cooling water channel of the mold and open it to seal. Observe the sealing status of the surface and slider, quickly detect the flying side and joint of the mold, and quickly repair it to prevent severe dentation, deresses, deformation, and flying material defects in the mold. When the mold stops production and does not use it, do not spray as much paint as possible on the mold. After the last mold of the die casting mold, if the paint is sprayed, use the compressed air to blow off the remaining water on the surface and deep cavity. It is waterproof and causes oxidation and rust in the mold. After each batch is completed, or every 10,000 models are produced, the mold is maintained. At each maintenance, check the mold deformation and sealing mixed state, eliminate the gap, eliminate the imbalance of the module and the module, and prevent the pressure of the module from broken or cracking. After maintenance, apply anti -rust oil to the mold empty cavity, core slide, top rod, guide rod and mold surface. A small range of erosion, falling, defects and crack defects occur in the mold. If the accessories cannot be replaced, the mold can only be repaired by the arc welding. In order to effectively prevent the welding of die -casting molds, cracks may occur. The mold manufacturer first specifies the use of the ARGON arc welding stick to use it before and after mold hardening. Before welding molds, metal substrates appeared, fixed defects such as cracks in the mold. The preheating module with electric furnaces can reach 300 to 450 \u0026 deg; C. After cleaning the surface, perform arc welding to prevent air holes during welding. When the mold temperature is higher than 475 \u0026 deg; stop welding, reduce the mold temperature, and then weld. When welding, please be sure to add double -line welding. After quenching, the welding temperature is lower than the fire recovery temperature 20-50 \u0026 deg; In addition to burn solid carbon and use stone sandpaper with paint attached to the surface of the mold surface, the method of using air spraying glass and ceramic rings not only removes the size and accuracy of the mold evenly, but also does not affect it.Mold size accuracy.andStoke-on-Trentdiecast能萎pressure castingThere are人自Medical die casting parts土好diecast manufacturer

In the process of manufacturing zinc alloy pressure castings in processing plants, there will inevitably be some difficulties in the problem of zinc alloy pressure casting. As a result, this disadvantage has the following contents; 1. The shape memory alloy caused by the air pores caused by the invasion of the whole process of the air body due to the invasion of the automotive body, which causes air pores on the surface or internal layer or internal zinc alloy casting. Solution 1. Analyze the source of the auto body, adopt effective countermeasures 2. Analyze the filling of the metal material solution and the exhaust pipe, carry out adjustment 3. adjust the firing rate and add charge time 2. The cause of shrinking In the location, the whole process of metal material condensation lost supplement due to the volume closing, causing hole eye solutions inside the casting components 1. The thickness of the inlet in the design scheme is beneficial to the complement of the metal material liquid in the whole process of the metal material condensation. 2 Improve the pressure of aluminum die casting 3. Reduce the mold temperature of the shrinkage at the shrinkage of the pine. The water content of lead, tin, and cadmium is exceeded specifications, causing stress corrosion, causing the disadvantages such as swelling, cracking and crushing of casting components, especially in the wet and cold and high temperature natural environment. Control of alloy materials and back furnace waste ingredients 4. Wave pattern, leaving printing caused by the metal material flow liquid before filling the concave mold, prioritize the streaming fluid to condense due to touching the concave mold, and then advance to the stream of the concave mold. The liquid condensates around it, and the wavy patterns are generated between the two: the liquid marks solution of the surface layer of the casting component 1. Improve the work pressure and fill rate 2. Improve the soft pouring temperature of the mold 3. Increase the overflow slot 5. Cold separation causes the front end of the flow liquid to develop into an air oxidation film. The double -share metal material flow fluid cannot be thoroughly combined, so that the surface layer of the casting component has a significant and irregular depression texture solution to solve the solution Scheme 1. Improve the filling rate, reduce filling time 2. Moderate improvement of the mold temperature 3. Improve the exhaust pipe, fill the standard 4. Add overflow groove at the disadvantage location of the flow fluid convergence        都找Which is fasterAluminum Alloy Die-castingWhich company is faster阅读Metal die castingWhich is closer中骨Welcome to discussWhat's the phone number?神塔Zinc alloy die castingWith the development of science and technology, technologies engaged in die casting types must improve the technology freely. The type of aluminum alloy aluminum alloy die casting is a precision casting method in a messy metal mold. It uses high pressure to push the metal solution into the mold into the mold. Essence With the development of science and technology, only by improving the skills of die -casting technology, can the mold system products actively and reasonably complete. The main weight of the aluminum combination die -casting system is three -quarters: die -casting materials, compression tables, molds and three parties. The die casting process organically combines these three elements. The form is stable, the quality is good, and the shape and size are commensurate. The casting requirements are carried out in accordance with the protocol to produce good quality castings. Speaking of the aluminum alloy die -casting, many technologies, aluminum alloy die casting is a very harmful dead casting problem. In order to smoothly remove the mold, you need to pay attention to the calculation of the cutting type of the cutting type and the mold demolition power. Usually, the inclination angle of the mold is 1 to 3 degrees, the outer pull type is less than the inner pull type, the outer pull type is 1 degree, and the inner shear type requires 2-3 degrees. 2. At the time of removing aluminum alloy die casting, aluminum alloy die casting requires the inhalation position of aluminum alloy. It is best to put the two as low as possible without pulling out. 3, die -casting people's profits, making die casting unsatisfactory, such as heart suction and spiral suction, it is necessary to create a troublesome situation in work. 4. When the thickness of the aluminum alloy die -casting wall is too large, the shadow of the filling time appears.Which one is trustworthy仙宝Medical die casting partsDuring the entire process of processing process processing process, zinc alloy die -casting products will inevitably cause waste such as water outlet, sediment, damage, UV's poor electroplating process, zinc slag and other waste. Solving this waste can be very good to manipulate cost fees, so as to improve economic benefits. The waste caused by the processing technology must be solved differently. On the contrary, the ingredients of zinc alloy ingots are doped, causing the zinc alloy material to have hard fine particles, and to prompt the smelting aluminum -casting product workpiece to have heavy disadvantages. Generally speaking, water and aluminum die -cast waste parts will be solved as a category. Zinc slag will be solved as a category. The final electroplating process waste will be solved as a category. The water parts caused by aluminum pressure casting product workpieces, the poor waste of aluminum die -casting, can be immediately put in the tong pot to reinstall it. It must be noted that the proportion of heavy melting does not need to exceed the average. Generally, the proportion of new and old is 7 to 3 , Not suitable for too high. Because this waste is cast in aluminum pressure, air oxidation occurs on the surface layer, and the ingredients of zinc oxide are too high. Under the condition of re -melting, it will become thick. In the case of mud, a lot of zinc alloy materials will be brought to. As a result, the proportion of aluminum alloy formulation has changed, the characteristics of aluminum alloy changes, and aluminum die casting is not good. The die -casting plant is generally not easy to solve zinc slag by itself. It is a good choice to sell zinc slag back to raw material dealers or professional processing stations, and it will be too expensive to solve it by itself. The die -casting plant must solve the independent furnace of zinc slag by themselves, and when smelting zinc residue, it causes strong smoke and large investment in environmental protection funds, resulting in rising costs. Secondly, the standard smelting processing process and skilled practical operating employees must have no way to ensure that the smelting processing process and actual operation are not standard. Rise again. When the electroplating process is not handled, pay attention to the solution independently, separate the smelting, and the copper, nickel, chromium and other metal materials of the electroplating process are not dissolved in zinc. The goods that go out will be caused by poor polishing and poor machines. When the electroplating process waste is melted, the coating chemical and zinc alloy material must be separated. When the melting solution is resolved, the zinc alloy material is used. When the electroplating process waste is reacted by the decomposition, the liquid liquid of the low -dissolved point will flow under the slag, and the high -gonging process layer of the dissolved point will use the water of the scum. The buoyancy is stranded on the furnace slag, and the electroplating process metal material and zinc alloy material are separated. When the electroplating process waste is melted, the waste of a melting waste is not suitable for too much. The resolution of zinc alloy material waste must be considered from cost fees, solving waste is to manipulate cost fees and improve economic returns. However, if the cost of solving itself is too high, the waste should be handed over to a professional processing station.

The mold temperature is the requirements for the size of the die -casting size and the inner quality. The mold temperature self -control device is widely used abroad to use dice abroad, and the design of the mold tube group has adopted a warm balanced plan. In other words, according to the requirements of the use of die casting, by setting up the temperature control point of each component in advance, by controlling the cooling rate, adjusting the die -casting size and internal tissue, accelerating the cooling of the receiving force, the crystal will increase the resistor through more refinement (b) strength. The control mode temperature can also be classified by the load of the pheromone of the past cooling alloy liquid, and obtains sufficient Siri to eliminate internal defects such as loose and cold septum. In addition, if there are residues in the cavity, the number of cleaning times is long, the amount of the Haniwa alloy and the amount of TU DONG used are large, such as the temperature change is small, and the rapid increase of Moain (especially the big die casting) The rate is slightly higher. In short, by controlling the stable temperature of the mold, it can meet the current poor mechanical performance requirements of different acceptable parts, and meet the requirements of die -casting size accuracy. According to capital costs, there are some hot spots on large foreign molds. Domestic die -casting Obo, this does not seriously suppress the temperature of the mold, it is more common, and even Obo lives without pre -enthusiasm in the mold. (1) At the beginning of the die -casting, due to the low modern temperature, the increasing increasing increasing production rate increases, and the size becomes larger. Increased dust during a rule cycle is also a super poor (eccentric). (2) The size of the die -casting is changed by the manipulator. The temperature of the previous mold, due to the temperature that is not formed, resulting in changes in the yield, the speed of Siri is changed to the size of the die -casting. The latter's work rhythm is different in Chicago casting, various experiences, a calorie calorie in the shovel material and artificial paint, a Chicago casting cyclic input and output, especially the Chicago casting is released according to the bottom of the sea and the sky. The long organization time has a great impact on the temperature of the mold. Therefore, when there is no automatic temperature control device, it is recommended to pay attention to the following points. one. Before starting die casting, it is necessary to preheat the mold through the process. 2 The life of a die casting is as many as possible, and the time is as uniform as possible. Three processes and conditioning devices always test the mold temperature of important components in time. Four air volume full of metal solutions and earth caves was severely suppressed by the unit hours. 5 Control the process parameters according to the process rules. As mentioned above, the process parameters need to be controlled to stabilize and improve the quality of die casting. In order to prove the accuracy of the die casting size, it is not enough to obtain the size of the mold cabinet in a simple vitality, and the mold temperature must be strictly controlled. In addition, the mold temperature control device is connected to the work of a large number of current levels in the workpan. However, in most cases, it does not set a parameter, or it does not know howSet the parameter to the demand of the die casting size and internal quality, and the time of the external settings given by the given parameters, the Syius cannot effectively stimulate the movement of the device, and it is necessary to improve it as soon as possible.In addition, the formula (1), L in (2) should be LT1, LT1.Deep test samples, because the average value of L and T1, LT2 is very close to the average at room temperature, the impact of shadows on the planning and calculation accuracy is less than half. Use L-S to discuss to prove ESPA? OL.nearbyZinc alloy material is an aluminum alloy composed of zinc based on zinc. Generally, aluminum alloy elements include aluminum, copper, magnesium, cadmium, lead, titanium and other ultra -low temperature zinc alloy materials. What is the role of adding this aluminum alloy element? Shenzhen Furong Shenzhen Die Castle Company shared the effect of adding gold elements with professional and technical personnel to share zinc alloy die casting. 1. Aluminum effect: a. Improve the forging characteristics of aluminum alloy, improve the liquidity of aluminum alloy, optimize the crystal, cause solid -soluble enhancement, and improve physical properties. b. Reduce the ability of zinc to iron to iron, and reduce the corrosion of iron raw materials such as goose neck, abrasive, and tong pot. The aluminum component is manipulated at 3.8 ~ 4.3%. The key is fully considered the stipulated pressure resistance and liquidity. Good liquidity is an indispensable standard for detailed, accurate specifications, and smooth surface -layer smooth casting pieces. 2. Copper efficiency: a. Improve the intensity and compressive strength of aluminum alloy; Not good: a. When the amount of copper exceeds 1.25%, the casting specifications and impact toughness change due to timeliness; 3. Magnesium effect: a. Reduce stress corrosion b. Optimize aluminum alloy institutions, and then improve the pressure resistance of aluminum alloy C. Improve the abrasion resistance characteristics of aluminum alloy: a. Hot and crispy, decreased, and decreased. b. Easy to consume air oxidation in the melting state of aluminum alloy. 4. Residual slag element: Lead, cadmium, and tin to make the stress corrosion of zinc alloy materials more sensitive. It has accelerated its own stress corrosion in the temperature and wet natural environment, reduced physical properties, and caused the transformation of the casting specifications. When the residual pyruminer and cadmium components are too high in the zinc material, and the product workpiece is cast as the aluminum die, the process performance is normal, but after a period of time (eight to several months) at the indoor temperature, the drum bag appears. 5. Residual slag element: Iron A. Iron and aluminum produce a reflection of chemicals between Al5Fe2 metal materials, causing aluminum to lose and produce mud. b. The hard point is generated in the casting component, which is produced and polished after the harm. c. Increase the delay of aluminum alloy. The solubility of iron containing zinc liquid is increased with the temperature. The temperature change of zinc liquid in the furnace will cause too saturated iron (when the temperature decreases), or unsaturated fat (when the temperature rises). When the iron content is too saturated, the excessively saturated iron will be reflected with aluminum in aluminum alloy, and the result is that the amount of mud is increased. When iron -containing unsaturated fats, the erosion of aluminum alloy on zinc pot and goose neck raw materials may increase to return saturation. One of the mutual transformations of the two temperatures is to eventually lead to the consumption of aluminum elements and generate a large amount of mud dregs.2. Improve the life of the die -casting shape. There are many ways to improve the life of die -casting molds, mainly from four aspects: one is mold material, the other is mold design, the third is mold manufacturing, and the fourth is the use and maintenance of molds. (1) Mold material. The heat treatment of mold materials and materials is the main factor affecting the life of the mold. The mold materials include cavity materials and plate materials. 1. Type -type material. The type of cavity material and thermal treatment are the main direct factors that affect the life of the mold. There are two main forms of mold damage in the previously described, one is cracks, and the other is surface cracks. Select the appropriate mold steel according to the requirements of different castings and different die casting conditions. Optimized thermal treatment technology is an important way to extend the life of the mold. When selecting cavity materials, mold steel must have the ability to resist crack expansion and stretching. In order to avoid the overall cracks and Europe, research should be carried out in three aspects. The improved H 1 and H 13 steels produced by different manufacturers in Japan have improved the toughness and ductility of die -casting mold steel as the first. Simply put, high toughness and extension properties improve the heat -resistant fatigue of steel and improve the life of the mold. The other is the gold phase analysis of the material. The fine tissue structure determines that the performance of the steel is not just alloy elements. The thinner the golden phase organization, the higher the impact. On the one hand, the gold phase organization depends on the characteristics of the material itself, and on the other hand, it also depends on thermal treatment. The third is the quality of the material. The die -casting cavity material is usually forged steel, and it is prone to micro -cracks inside. Fast discovery and avoidance are very important. To this end, Huiwang Company configured the impact test machine, the gold phase analyzer and the detector, which controlled the materials, confirmed the effect of thermal treatment, ensured the quality of the mold and extended the life of the mold. However, at present, most domestic die -casting mold manufacturing companies have no detection equipment, so they cannot control mold materials and thermal treatment effects, which affects the life of the mold and deserves attention. In the model heat treatment, thermal treatment process is an important factor affecting the life of the mold. Two problems are very important. One is the heat treatment process, especially the high temperature maintenance time during thermal treatment. Choose appropriate processes according to the size and shape of the parts. On the other hand, according to the differences in the heat treatment manufacturer, in order to reduce costs, sometimes the heat treatment of various components of various characteristics will be used to save costs to reduce the time of the mold in order to reduce the time to maintain the time. The quenching of material heat treatment is not good. As we all know, if no quenching, it will have a great impact on the life of the mold, so the faster the quenching speed, the better. The second is the choice of hardening hardness. The thermal treatment of the cavity is usually between HRC 43-52 degrees. It is a many die -casting manufacturing enterprises. It is generally consistent when choosing mold hardness, most of which are HRC 4-46. The actual template thermal treatment hardness should be comprehensively considering the selection of materials and thermal treatment according to the characteristics of casting alloy materials, castings, die casting technology and the quality characteristics of castings. Under different hardness, the materials are also different. The hardness of the cavity is high, the mold is not easy to stick to the mold, but it is easy to rupture. The aluminum is easy to stick together when the hardness is low, but the mold is not easy to break. Die -casting zinc alloy and magnesium alloy, moldThe hardness of the cavity is as high as possible. Can extend the life of the mold. Therefore, choosing the appropriate material and thermal treatment hardness can also extend the life of the mold, which is also a subject worthy of in -depth research. 2. Overlap material. The sleeve material contains sliding, rods, etc., which is also the main reason that affects the life of the mold. During the high-voltage casting process, the die-casting ratio is usually 40-90 km/square centimeter, which is very high pressure on the impact of the die-casting cavity. On the other hand, the sleeve is important as the fixation of the cavity, the sliding of the slider, and locking. If you choose improperly, it will also affect the life of the mold. Therefore, according to the requirements of each casting and different die casting conditions and cavity materials, the appropriate board must be selected. Nowadays, most of our country's die -casting boards have used graphite cast iron or cast steel. In recent years, some of the S 50 C forging steel have been used. After the quality adjustment, from the actual effect, it has a greater improvement than before. It is used abroad to quench steel or 4140 quenching before P20. Although the cost of mold is increased, it has greatly improved the stability of the board and prolonged the life of the mold. This is our reference.diecast manufacturer

2022Latested:For how to make the service life of precision die -casting longer, how much do you master? Highly precision die -casting molds have been under pressure and high temperature resistance at the time of production. ThereforeThe mold is very necessary. For the service life of zinc die -casting molds, the quality of goods often improves.1. For the quality problems of the last product of a batch of products manufactured, the necessary maintenance of zinc die -casting molds; 2. The impact position of the inlet of the inlet of the inlet has long been glued or the core axis is carried out polished or disassembled and replaced.Solution; 3. Zinc die mold pressing the shot rod all removed and cleaned, and made a moisturizing solution; 4. Clear the clinical diagnostic surface and dragging position of zinc die -casting mold to ensure that the pose of the drag position is reliable;The core of the bending bending; \u0026 ldquo; The grinding knife cuts the firewood by mistake, and the work is good at \u0026 rdquo; therefore, it is necessary to improve the production and quality of the casting parts, and maintain the maintenance of zinc die -casting molds.生畏pressure castingSolution误会Metal die castingThe stage of consuming a large loss in the whole process of zinc alloy die -casting must be attributed to metal surface treatment, and the electroplating process has a large processing method. How to deal with this poor electroplating process product? First of all, everyone still analyzes first. Zinc alloy voltage casting characteristics: 1. Relative proportion is extremely large. 2. Forging characteristics are good, aluminum pressure is used to cast high and precise pieces with complicated and thick walls, and the surface layer of the casting part is smooth. 3. Metal surface treatment can be carried out: electroplating process, painting, spraying, polishing, grinding, etc. 4. Do not absorb iron, do not erode compressive plates when casting and aluminum pressure casting. 5. There are very good physical properties and wear resistance at normal temperature. 6. The dissolution point is low, melting at 385 ° C, which is very easy to cast. Zinc alloy pressure casting electroplating process Retreatment: Zinc and aluminum alloy die casting is -planting aluminum pressure casting parts with zinc as the main ingredient. The surface layer of such parts has a very high -density surface, and inside is the fire evacuation of porous materials, and it is also a cheerful gender metal. Therefore, only a moderate pre -solution and electroplating can ensure that the electroplating process on the zinc alloy material has excellent adhesion to achieve the regulations of qualified products. The raw materials commonly used in electroplating technology are ZA4-1, and their main components are: 3.5%to 4.5%aluminum, 0.75%to 1.25%copper, 0.03%to 0.08%of magnesium, zinc capacity, total number of residues \u0026 le; 0.2%. The 925 -type zinc alloy material contains high copper volume, which is also convenient for electroplating technology. Generally, the relative density of zinc alloy materials is 6.4 to 6.3g/cm. All in all, try to supervise as strictly when selecting materials. In addition, the must -have design scheme of the abrasive appliance for aluminum die is effective to prevent the disadvantages that are difficult to overcome to the electroplating process.体的Medical die casting partsThe vacuum plating and hydraulugular plating process are all used by the surface processing of zinc alloy pressure casting in the entire process of aluminum pressure casting production. Zinc alloy die -casting products are generally solved on the surface. Because the solution after the solution is more beautiful Great and wear -resistant. Zinc alloy compression casting electroplating processing process is divided into two types, which are hydraulugulation technology and vacuum plating. The processing process of hydraulugulation process is suitable for zinc alloy die casting products; mainly to put the goods that need to be plated in the organic chemical electroplating process solution to be carried out. Electroplating process. The vacuum pump plasma is sprayed, which is also known as vacuum plating; it is suitable for zinc alloy die -casting products. Together, because of its chaotic production processes, natural environment, and machinery and equipment, the price is more expensive than hydraulugulating. The difference between the large and vacuum plating process and vacuum plating are the price. The price of vacuum plating is higher than the water -plating process of the pure natural processing process. Briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of these two: 1. If the main vacuum is plated, if the UV oil is talked about, the tone of the zinc alloy casting of the zinc alloy casting is very poor, and it cannot exceed the 100ge test. From this point of view, water electroplating It is better than vacuum plating! Therefore, to do vacuum plating, it is necessary to carry out very painted solutions afterwards, so the cost increases. 2. The color of the hydraulugular plating process is simple. Generally, if it is white chromium and black grid, the vacuum plating is made in the middle and late production and processing. Therefore, it is colorful. 3. The coating raw materials of general coatings of hydraulugulation process use \u0026 ldquo; hexavalent chromium \u0026 rdquo; What kind of plating processing processing of zinc alloy pressure casting is processed? After the analysis of these aspects, you have already defined the vacuum plating and hydraulugular plating process! Do a decision plan. The reputation die -casting factory is a manufacturer of customized zinc alloy compression casting and aluminum alloy casting. The company has concentrated on Zhizhi aluminum die -casting position for more than ten years. Effectively develop the production quality of casting and reduce production costs! Now make a concise introduction to its production process: the surface of the product is cleaned up, removing electrostatic-\u003e spray paint-\u003e Baked surface paint-\u003e Vacuum plating-\u003e Spray paint-\u003e Baked paint-\u003e packaging. Electroplating spray can be divided into general electroplating spray, UV plating spraying, and electroplating spraying very well; the processing process includes steamed plating, splashing plating, and gun color. 3. Water -plating process and vacuum pump plasma spray (electroplating spray). The differences between the two processing processes: Due to the simple processing process, the hydraulugation process is relatively simple. From the machine equipment to the natural environment, there must be no vacuum pump plasma spraying, which is then widely used. However, there is a disadvantage of hydraulugulation process, only ABS and ABS+PC materials (the effect of this material is not ideal). If ABS is 80 ° C, it has prompted its application scale to be controlled. However, the electroplating spray reaches up to 200 ° C. This pair of components that are applied to high -temperature can be solved by electroplating process. PC materials such as wind mouth and wind mouth ring, this kind of component all stipulates 130High temperature in ℃. In addition, it is generally stipulated that heat -resistant components must spray a layer of UV oil at the end of the electroplating spray, so that the surface of the product has both gloss, heat resistance, and guaranteeing the adhesion together. Many people do n’t know where the difference between the two is, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of vacuum plating and hydraulugulation technology? 1. Surface solution: Generally, before the surface of the surface, the plate (plating) is solved. Wait for preparation to ensure that the plating parts are neat and boring, and the disadvantages such as black spots and poor adhesion force are avoided in the bottom plating. For very materials, such as PE (high -voltage polyethylene) materials, it also solves its modified material to reach the premium effect of the coating on the surface. 2. Base -coating: During the construction of the bottom coating project, you can use spray paint or immersion. In detail, you should depend on specific conditions such as the size, appearance, structure, and customer machine and equipment as well as the quality of customers. Adopting the painting method, the coating oil on the SZ-97T surface can be used; the soaking method is used, and the SZ-97, SZ-97+1 and other oils that can be used can be used. Visit the integration of various products into the business scale. 3. Dry to the bottom: The coating oil series products of the surface layer are self -dried paint. The purpose of air -drying is to develop production output power. The temperature of general air drying is 60-70 ° C, which is about 2 minutes. The rules for air -drying are the lacquer layer is completely boring. 4. On the surface of the surface: When the surface layer is coated, it should be ensured that the vacuum value of the coating machine arrives, and then heated the filament, and strictly manipulate the warm moment. Together, the amount of metal materials (such as aluminum cable) on the surface layer should be grasped. Multi -general will cause the wall or material that the ceramic film cannot conceal. And the coating quality of the surface layer. 5. Noodles: The purpose of the general surface coating is the following two levels: A. The abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance consumed by the development of the plated parts; If the plated parts do not need to be color, depending on customer regulations, 911, 911-1 sub-light oil, 889 full transparent oil, 910 sub-optical oil and other facial oil can be sprayed. 6. Drying of the surface: Generally, the plating layer is thinner than the bottom coating, so the air-dried temperature is low, about 50-60 degrees. At the time of baking, you can master the spiritual control of the customer's practice activities. After all, you must ensure that the face coating is completely boring. 7. Water dipping: If the plating part is required to develop water stains, the plated plating that has been dried for a long time can be plated in the dyeing cylinder, and the color required is contaminated. The temperature of the water is generally around 60-80 degrees, and the moment of mountain spring water dyeing should be manipulated together. The disadvantage of water staining is simplicity, so the cost is low.出狂Aluminum alloy die casting diecast manufacturerWhich is cheaper

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